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Are you interested in learning how to choose high-quality supplements? Buy organic food, or stop sugar cravings? Then, the Nutrotion is the right place for you!

Here we will explore carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. In addition, we have tips on getting more vegetables in your diet and how to get your kids to eat healthily. We will also expose the tricks food companies use on their labels to make you think you're buying healthy foods.

Food Facts

Why are onions so good for you? What is it about turkey that induces sleepiness? Is chocolate all that good for you? Here in the Food Facts section of Nutrotion, we explore the nutrients in everyday foods and why certain foods are so good (or bad) for you.


Why are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats so essential? Should you try that low-carb diet you've heard about? Do weightlifters and bodybuilders require extra protein? Find out more here in the Proteins/Carb/Fats section of Nutrition. Here you will find articles on the best sources of protein, carbs, and fat, why all three are essential to good health, and how to ensure you're getting enough of these macronutrients.

Get healthy recipes for vegetable soups and learn how to make fruit smoothies.

My goal is to get you excited about nutrition and help you apply what you learn to real life.

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