3 Drinking Habits That Will Wreak Havoc on Your Metabolism

Well, we lose muscle mass as we age and become less active unless we actively work to keep it by doing resistance training. Your metabolism slows, and you burn fewer calories when your skeleton is less muscular.

So, adding more calorie-burning muscle is one approach to increase metabolism. But what about using food and drink to keep this activity? No food or drink increases metabolism. Some factors may indirectly contribute to it, but they won’t speed it up. On the other hand, certain beverages and drinking habits could speed up weight loss and change your metabolism.

Here is what science has to say about potential drinking habits that are ruining your metabolism.

  1. You’re not drinking high-protein beverages.

Your body requires the right building blocks, enough protein, to develop metabolism-enhancing muscle. Fortunately, you can get it by picking the right drinks. Drinking protein-rich liquids, such as those made with Greek yogurt, cow’s milk, or protein powder, may help keep your metabolism running smoothly and reduce hunger. Protein makes you feel full more quickly and for more extended periods. This is because, out of all the macronutrients, protein requires the greatest energy and time to digest.

  1. You choose sugary beverages over water.

You must be adequately hydrated by ingesting foods and beverages that include water if you want your metabolism and the rest of your body to operate at their best. While fruit juice and soda can help you meet your water requirement, most are also high in calories and added sugars, which can increase blood sugar levels and cause weight gain. Water is, therefore, the preferred beverage for losing pounds and promoting a healthy metabolism.

  1. You like your nightcaps.

It is especially well known that drinking alcohol late at night might harm your metabolism by preventing you from sleeping. Although some people think that alcohol makes it easier to fall asleep, it has the opposite effect by interfering with sleep rhythms. Therefore, if you decide to drink, do it for at least two hours or more before bed. Additionally, hydrate well both before and after drinking alcohol.

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