4 Best Morning Drinking Habits To Support Gut Heal

Your gut health can be controlled by having healthy gut microbiota. There are many bacteria present in your gut, some of which are “good for you” and others “bad.” The most crucial point is that, as long as your gut is balanced with good bacteria, it’s alright to have some “bad” bacteria around. You are more susceptible to sickness if your microbiome is out of balance. Irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and possibly colon cancer may all be increased by an imbalanced microbiome.

You can take some steps in your daily life to maintain a healthy gut and lower your risk of developing these diseases. Keeping an eye on what you consume when eating and drinking is among these modifications. Start your morning routine if you feel in danger or simply wish to pay more attention to your gut health. So, this blog discusses some morning habits supporting your gut health.

  1. Drink Water

Bruning asserts that water is our best and major source of hydration. Additionally, drinking some water in the morning is an excellent way to start the day.

“Drinking water in the morning is a must to work at our best,” says Bruning. Since fiber requires water to function, dehydration can also be the cause of constipation. For our stomachs and general health, water is the greatest way to start the day.”

2. Drink a Cup of Coffee

This is fantastic news for coffee lovers who need their morning pick-me-up. Bruning asserts that drinking coffee can help you maintain regularity. 

Even if regular coffee has the strongest effect, Bruning maintains that decaf coffee can also stimulate the body’s bowel movements, promoting digestion in addition to caffeine. Coffee use may even improve the makeup of our gut microbiota.

3. Include fiber-containing drinks

Drinking your fiber is another approach to stimulating the digestive system. “Some drinks, like prune juice and tomato-based liquids, contain a dose of fiber,” claims Bruning. Since 90% of Americans don’t consume enough fibre, mixing a fibre supplement into your morning beverage could help.

Bruning maintains that the secret to good health and regular bowel movements combines soluble and insoluble fiber. The ideal combination for a healthy gut includes soluble fiber, which may aid in better digestion, and insoluble fiber, which may soften feces.

4. Incorporate a Smoothie

Smoothies are a fantastic method to consume any fruits that you would not normally consume during the day. Additionally, it provides a revitalizing and reviving start to the day.

Use berry mixes and other fiber-rich foods, and add ground flax or chia seeds for more nutrients and fiber, advises Bruning. Like juice and supplement drinks, smoothies can provide both the liquid your body requires and the fiber it needs to function properly.

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