Healthy Eating, Healthy Choices

Look and Feel Your Best

Eating healthy not only provides adequate nutrition for your body and overall health, but it can do wonders for your skin as well.

Eating healthy is a choice that can be a great challenge for many. It involves discipline, determination and the desire to look and feel your best. Healthy eating is not about eating right, but how to gain the maximum benefits of proper eating. The desire toward healthy eating does not occur overnight, it is a process that may take months or years to accomplish; however, the rewards will be plentiful.

Most individuals follow a similar daily routine with regard to eating that can cause serious complications within their bodies. The most important part of healthy eating begins within the way an individual applies the knowledge of eating. A person must know how to eat healthy in order to apply the act of eating healthy; therefore, it is important to cook your own food as much as possible in order to avoid unwanted fat in the diet. A person whose surroundings is less stressful tends to eat differently than one who is often on the go.

Demanding lifestyles frequently result in eating foods of lower nutritional value. Proper digestion begins in the mouth; therefore, it is imperative to chew your food slowly. When a person is agitated, he often eats more and chews his food more quickly. How a person chews his food can go a long way towards controlling the volume of food being consumed.

Healthy Eating, Healthy Choices

Always begin your day with an early healthy breakfast. When you wake up, after six or seven hours of fasting, your blood sugar is at its lowest; therefore, eating a healthy breakfast will get your blood sugar to its regular level. Eat just when you are hungry and quit when you are full. Instead of three large meals, it is suggested that you have five or six small meals throughout the day, with dinner being the smallest.

Keep a basket of fruits and vegetables on your counter at home for easy access. Individuals, who consume three to five servings per day of fruits and vegetables, can enjoy great longevity and health. According to Rita Heikenfeld, syndicated columnist, “Mangos contain large amounts of Vitamin C, and like purple grapes can help the prevention of heart disease. Pineapple helps keep your bones strong and even relieves cold symptoms. Apples help move cholesterol and fat out of the body and because they are filling they are a great source of weight control. Asparagus are like spears of protection with important B Vitamins while broccoli is good for your immune system.”

It is acceptable for many folks to enjoy snacking throughout the day. A snack is anything healthy, between 100 and 200 calories. Vegetable sticks and pieces, as well as fruit makes a great snack, as do peanuts and other nuts that are rich in good fats, they provide great protein and also help to prevent problems such as memory loss. Meal bars that provide protein and less sugar, perhaps around 15 grams of sugar or less, makes a great snack.

If you have just decided to eat healthier, remember there are many ways to enjoy the benefits of eating and feeling your best. It is a challenge that will not happen overnight, but with perseverance can happen.

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