Popular Gluten-Free Products that Won’t Break the Bank

Inexpensive gluten-free products that are available in your grocery store are not just for individuals on a gluten-free diet and often taste great.

When some people make the choice to switch over to a gluten-free diet, they are first concerned with what can be eaten. It takes a lot of research and testing to decide what is safe. But, the next thing can be pricing for the necessary foods. At first it can seem costly, but as you learn more about becoming gluten-free, you find products that are in your own grocery store that aren’t as expensive as you thought they may be. They’re even brand names you are familiar with and probably pass up every day without knowing.

Gluten-free cereals

Most cereals are made of wheat, barley, and oats. These are good essentials for any healthy diet. However, they are harmful for gluten sensitive or Celiac persons. It’s almost as if you’re wondering whether you’ll ever be able to eat cereal again.

This is not the case.

General Mills cereals cater to this particular condition. Chex cereal is popular for being made solely of rice or corn. Each box of cereal is less than five dollars, but provides plenty much-needed nutrients. Additionally, the size is fair for the price. Other cereals of General Mills, such as Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles, have also changed their recipes to comply with gluten-free standards.

There is the option of gluten-free oats, but, you have to check with your store to see if they are available. Oats in general are not bad for gluten-free individuals. The problem is cross-contamination with wheat in manufacturing plants. Bob’s Red Mill, often found in major grocery chains, carries the gluten-free rolled oats. Pricing can range from three to four dollars per bag. It also depends on the size of the bags that are available in your grocery store.

Gluten-free foods on the go

If cereal is something you can’t do in the morning, as most busy people can’t, a cereal bar may be the way to go. The options were at first a little slim for gluten-free individuals. But, products under the company Lara Bar offer gluten-free cereal bars. Most of Lara Bar products are considered to be gluten-free. They consist of real fruit and nuts. Additionally, they are abundant in fiber, vitamin C, and other critical vitamins that people on all diets need.

The bars can be purchased in boxes of six or individually. You can find them on store shelves in the diet and health section. Flavors range from key lime pie to chocolate mint. They’re best to eat with a piece of fruit or a gluten-free health shake.

Dairy products, almond milk, and lactose intolerance

Some people who have unknowingly suffered with Celiac disease may also have another condition called lactose intolerance. Being lactose intolerant means you can’t have regular dairy or cheese because it will affect you. Bloating, gas, and discomfort are a few symptoms of lactose intolerance. While the majority of dairy products are gluten-free, it is important to consider alternate choices. Soy milk or almond milk are other choices for getting your daily dairy nutrients. Almond milk has become a recent favorite of many dairy drinkers. It’s made of ground almonds and contains no lactose or cholesterol.

Almond milk can be sweetened with sweeteners, vanilla, or cane sugar. Sweeteners are often used to enhance the flavor of the milk. And, it comes in several different flavors. The original flavor is typically sweet, but there are also vanilla and chocolate to choose from. Almond milk is available in quart sizes and usually is less than four dollars a quart.

Yoplait, a General Mills brand, offers a broad array of gluten-free goods. Of course, it’s wise to always check the labeling on the package. But, for the most part they offer tasty, delicious yogurt for gluten-intolerant individuals. For lactose- and gluten-free yogurt, there are two known brands: Green Valley which is distributed by Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s soy yogurt. Pricing varies between stores, but remains well under two dollars.

Complementing Your Gluten-Free Diet

The products above are only a sample of many others that can help you make smart gluten-free purchases. It’s also important to remember that whole and natural foods make up the majority of this diet. Meats, vegetables, and fruits in their raw form, whole gluten-free grains, and corn based items will ensure you stick to your gluten-free way of life. Additionally, you will be able to make smarter and less costly grocery shop decisions.

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