Stay Healthy in College and Prevent the Freshman Fifteen

You don’t have to eat stale pizza and ramen noodles when you go to college, but you can. There are healthy and practical ways to eat well and stay healthy while you are in college.

College is all about change and learning. Entertain the idea of what you can accomplish and who you can become. Develop healthy habits for a better quality of life to last a lifetime. There are several ways to prevent weight gain while in college. Bear in mind that you should not be too hard on yourself. It is OK to gain weight. The goal is to maintain a general state of fitness and health.

Invest in a reusable water bottle

Camelbak makes BPA-free water bottles in various colors and sizes with ounce and milliliter markers all along the length of the bottle. It serves to keep track of your water use. It is a handy feature because people often believe they are hungry when they feel thirsty. Strive for at least two liters of water per day to remain hydrated and prevent overeating.

Keep a food journal for one week.

It is a little extra work that will pay off afterward. To begin, keep a journal of everything you eat and drink. Include the amounts, too. The amounts don’t have to be exact. You need a general idea of how much you’re eating; for example, one medium plateful of spaghetti. Next, write down how you felt just before eating and for a little while after eating. It will give you invaluable information. You’ll learn which foods tire you out, give you a stomach ache, give you energy, feel hungry, and leave you satisfied for a few hours. You’ll also have a greater awareness of your body’s demands.

Burn calories by walking or bike riding instead of driving

You may walk every day, but you probably also drive or get a ride when possible. Is your next class across campus? Do you have time to walk instead of driving? Take a stroll with a buddy or listen to music to bolster your determination. If walking does not work, maybe bike riding would work better. It’s an excellent option if you lack the time or motivation to stroll.

Eat more all foods.

All foods are those that have not been processed. Make an effort to be inventive, but keep it basic. You don’t need a kitchen to whip up healthy, easy snacks for school. Of course, there is the obvious PB&J or meat and cheese sandwich, but there is so much more to keep you interested. Wasa crackers dominate for a crunchy take on sandwiches. Just replace the bread with a Wasa cracker on either end, and fill with whatever you like; spinach, cheese, and mustard; tzatziki sauce, lettuce, and chicken; tomato, salt, pepper, olive oil, and mozzarella; or anything else you can imagine.

Be creative but keep it simple.

Hummus is a healthier and tastier substitute for mayonnaise. Cucumbers can be sliced and eaten as-is, salted, or added to a Wasa sandwich. Yellow squash can be sliced into thin slivers with a vegetable peeler and placed in a bowl in the microwave for sixty seconds with oil and a dash of sea salt. Add crushed walnuts afterward, and you have a hearty snack ready to be demolished. Your imagination only limits the options.

Following the steps above will help prevent weight gain, but they will also help you maintain energy throughout the day and develop healthy lifestyle habits for a lifetime. It only takes a little forethought and effort to stay healthy in college. There is nothing to lose. Try it.

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