5 High-Carb Foods That Won’t Make You Fat, Say Experts

You probably already know about the numerous well-known low-carbohydrate diets that have demonized grains, fruits, and starchy veggies. You won’t become obese if you eat every high-carb food. However, certain carbohydrates, typically those that arrive in a box or snack bag or don’t still contain fiber, can be bad for your health and size.

Doctors and dietitians suggest these high-carb foods, so feel free to include them in your diet right now.

  1. Bread & pasta

Don’t disparage all carbs. Even bread and pasta are high-carbohydrate foods essential for a balanced diet. However, eliminating all carbohydrates might be detrimental to your health and result in a severe deficiency. Glucose is a carbohydrate that is essential for the synthesis of energy in cells, including the brain. Additionally, they have dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other advantageous phytonutrients. Pick whole grain foods such as bread and pasta for slow-digesting complex carbohydrates.

  1. Apples & pears

These fruits are regarded as high-carbohydrate fruits to their fructose content, which is the fruit’s natural sugar. However, their nutritional advantages outweigh the number of carbohydrates you consume, mainly if you consume fruit, including the skin of apples and pears. In addition, whole foods are high in fiber, water, and nutrients that help us feel fuller for extended periods and reduce sugar cravings.

  1. Steel-cut oats

Despite oatmeal’s high carbohydrate content, a meta-analysis of studies published in Nutrients revealed that type 2 diabetics decrease their fasting blood glucose and HbA1C levels—a gauge of blood sugar levels over three months—after eating the steel-cut oats, a high-fiber whole grain. In addition, according to other studies, oatmeal contains a soluble fiber called beta-glucan that increases satiety and promotes weight loss.

According to Shapiro, “whole foods replace less healthful foods.” Compared to processed foods, which are made to increase our cravings, “we prefer to consume smaller portions of whole foods like oats.”

  1. Beets

Sugar in one cup of beets won’t have the same negative effects on your weight or blood sugar as the same amount in rice pudding or cookies. This is because it has 2.8 grams of dietary fiber, which slows blood sugar absorption.

Even veggies like beets, which are starchy, have several health advantages. Beets are loaded with vitamins, and one serving provides 20% of our daily requirement for folate.

  1. White potatoes

Even though the first thing that generally comes to mind when you hear the word “carbohydrate” is typically a starchy vegetable (think French fries), don’t ignore it. White potatoes have “resistant starches,” they resist digestion and do not raise blood sugar when cooled after cooking. Your gut bacteria break down starch because the small intestine does not digest it. This will help you lose weight by balancing blood sugar levels.

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