These 5 Worst ‘Empty-Calorie’ Foods Making You Gain Weight Faster

There are certain meals and drinks you should never consume while trying to reduce weight. They completely undo all your progress since they are full of “empty calories.” The five worst meals causing you to gain weight more quickly are mentioned below. To find out precisely what to exclude from your diet, keep reading.

  1. Soft drinks, energy drinks, and sports drinks

Even though soft drinks, energy drinks, and sports drinks may taste nice, they are nutrient-free and loaded with sugar. Therefore, these calorie-free beverages should be avoided at all costs! Instead, choose tea, water, or seltzer with lemon or lime instead of one of these sweet beverages.

  1. Baked goods

When the alluring scent of freshly baked cookies hits, we realize the struggle might be real. But unfortunately, delicious cookies, pastries, donuts, and cake are loaded with artery-clogging saturated fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. These components can all lead to inflammation, which makes it much harder to lose weight and much simpler to gain weight. So instead, get a healthy plate of fresh fruit!

  1. Meats like sausage, ham, hot dogs, and bacon

Consuming bacon, ham, or sausage to go with your eggs will not help your attempts to lose weight. These meats typically contain nitrates and are high in saturated fat. In addition to clogging arteries, saturated fat causes inflammation in the body, which makes it difficult to lose weight. Nitrates damage DNA, which leads to body inflammation and makes it more challenging to reduce weight.

Choose rich fish like herring or salmon, which have omega-3 fatty acids that reduce inflammation and make your weight loss efforts easier, rather than a hot dog or one of these meats high in saturated fat.

  1. Fast-food French fries

There is nothing quite like good old-fashioned, oily fast-food French fries. However, these salty snacks are highly processed, lack fiber, and damage your body when consumed. They are then heavily salted after being cooked to high degrees in inflammatory, unstable seed oils. It’s simple to overeat because the combo of oily and salty food frequently makes you want more.

Consider making a small baked potato with the skin on it if you’re in the mood for potatoes because it has “antioxidant-rich, inflammation-lowering phytonutrients.” You won’t be squandering your snack time on empty calories, and you won’t be ingesting inflammatory oils that make weight loss very difficult.

  1. Alcohol

Last but not least, alcohol has a lot of calories, intensifies hunger pangs, and makes you careless with food choices, which will have disastrous effects on your waistline. This is especially true in any setting where food and drink are served freely. Additionally, your body must stop your metabolism to detoxify the alcohol.

The next time you host guests or go out on the town, think about getting wine or beer without alcohol. Most have only 25% of the calories and won’t interfere with your ability to control your appetite, quench your thirst, or make choices when you’re near tempting food. If you’re going to drink, at least ensure that every other beverage is calorie-free and non-alcoholic, like seltzer. You’ll drink far less alcohol throughout the night.

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