5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

You lead a hectic life. If you don’t have time to eat breakfast on some days, you might find yourself racing out the door to get to work or start your day. Or you could make yourself an extra cup of coffee in the hopes that it would quiet your growling stomach.

If this sounds all too familiar, there are others besides you. Only 35% of respondents to a 2022 US study claimed to have breakfast daily. A shocking 12% of people only occasionally have breakfast per month. However, breakfast is important for our health. So start eating breakfast every morning.

Benefits of Eating Breakfast Every Morning 

Eating breakfast has numerous health advantages. However, your health depends on you taking the time to eat something nutritious every morning.

  1. Lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

Insulin resistance has been linked to skipping breakfast. According to a study from 2020, type 2 diabetes risk was reduced in people who ate breakfast at least five times each week. The highest risk group was those who never ate breakfast, followed by those who only ate breakfast one to four times per week. Higher risks of diabetes are also influenced by physical activity, body mass index, and general health.

  1. More energy for your day.

The extra fuel breakfast provides for your body is its most evident advantage. Getting enough nutrients in the morning can aid in reducing brain fog and improve concentration in morning meetings or lectures. According to a study, kids, in particular, require breakfast to focus in class. It was found that the academic performance of the breakfast-eating students was higher.

  1. Increased heart health.

Your heart will benefit from a heart-healthy breakfast, especially if you include fruits, whole grains, and lean protein in your morning meal. According to a study, those who skip breakfast have a higher chance of developing heart disease. Following up with the same study’s participants led to the conclusion that skipping breakfast is considerably more likely to increase your chance of dying from heart disease.

  1. Encourages better habits.

Regular breakfast eaters tend to have healthier eating habits than skippers. This is because a healthy meal provides our bodies with calcium, iron, fiber, vitamin A, and vitamin C. If you eat at most three meals daily, you avoid missing out on the extra dose of these vitamins and minerals. Additionally, if you skip breakfast, your hunger may cause you to eat more at lunch, making you feel lazy for the rest of the day.

  1. Reduces migraines.

Migraines and headaches are bothersome. According to a survey of college students, those who skip breakfast probably experience frequent headaches. Conversely, breakfast eaters had a decreased chance of getting migraines.

Final Words

A good breakfast is important for health. The extra boost of nutrients is necessary to start your day with a bowl of whole cereal and milk, yogurt, or fruit. It offers energy, reduces your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, promotes good eating, and treats migraines. Give your body and mind a boost as you begin your day.

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