The Complete Guide to Bicep and Tricep Workouts

Dream of having figured biceps, jumping out from the sleeves? The process to flat biceps and big triceps does not begin with the first curl but with a mindful warm-up program. This manual endows you with the power to do the deadlift the way you want it. In this article, we’ll focus on a specific dynamic stretch that will ignite your biceps and triceps and also discover the scientific importance of a proper warm-up. Also, this article is structured around a practical workout routine that aims to target these key muscle groups. Thus, you should not stick to the cold-turkey method; instead, get prepared to experience an improved and injury-free bicep and triceps workout!


Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises


It’s all about dynamic stretches as you begin to get ready for a workout. These types of programs have controlled movements that imitate the workouts you’ll be doing. Here are some excellent dynamic stretches to prime your biceps and triceps:


  1. Arm Circles: Stand with your arms stretched straight out to your sides, palms down. Make small circles forward and backward for 15-20 seconds each way.

Arm Circles


  1. Arm Swings: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and on each side of your body swing your arms back and forth keeping them mostly straight. First slowly, then widening the range of motions, you’ll notice the movements get looser. Do 10 to 12 forward and backward swings.

Arm Swings


  1. Inchworms: First, stand straight and then hinge at the hip to bend over until your palms make touch with the floor. Maintain a flat back from start to finish. Maintain the position for a few seconds and then pour your hands very slowly up to the starting position. Repeat 8-10 times.



Advanced Dynamic Stretches

During the improvement of your flexibility you can progress to more complex dynamic stretches.


  1. Shoulder Circles: While keeping your elbows close to your body bent at 90 degrees, make small circles forward and backward for 15-20 seconds each way. This loosens up your shoulders so they can be better involved in most bicep and tricep exercises.

Shoulder Circles


  1. Arm Pendulums: Keep your back straight and arms relaxed by your sides. Slightly swing your arms sideways like a pendulum and let them gain and maintain light just by themselves. This makes your shoulders and upper back apart.

Arm Pendulums


  1. Arm Crossover with Overhead Reach: Keep your feet shoulder width apart. Lift one arm up and then swing it gradually from one side of the body to the other, approximating the opposite hip and maintaining orientation of the torso. Repeat on the other side. This exercise strengthens your shoulders, chest and upper back.

Arm Crossover with Overhead Reach


Biceps and Triceps Exercises

Now that your arms are warmed up, let’s engage the specific muscles. Here are a couple of exercise options for each, with progressions for various fitness levels:




Bicep Curls (with variations): The standard biceps curl with dumbbells or a barbell is a good basic exercise. Hammer curls, concentration curls, or preacher curls can be also tried to isolate other segments of biceps.


  • Beginner: Start with lighter weight and pay attention to your form. It is recommended 10-12 reps at each set to develop muscle definition.


  • Intermediate: Increase weight, retain the form. Use drop sets and supersets for more challenges to your biceps. Drop sets are exercises performed using the reduced weight after reaching the failure in one set, which enables squeezing out some more reps. Supersets are the type of exercise that is involved in the opposing muscle groups back-to-back with no rest between these exercises which intensifies the workout.


  • Advanced: Try more advanced curl variations such as spider curls or drag curls to isolate different parts of the biceps and to challenge yourself even more. The difference between these two curls is that the spider curl moves you down like when doing a bicep curl but the drag curl drags your dumbbells along your inner thighs as you curl.


Pull-Ups (or Assisted Pull-Ups): This compound movement will engage not only your biceps but also your back and forearms. If the pull-ups are hard for you, use a pull-up machine or resistance bands for the support.




Tricep Extensions (overhead or lying down): Increase your range of motion by lifting your arms up while holding dumbbells or sitting on a bench. Lower with grip and focus on squeezing your triceps at the up of the movement.


  • Beginner: Begin with light weights and aim to fully stretch your arms at the top of the exercising phase. 10-12 repetitions per set are most effective in achieving muscle definition.


  • Intermediate: Increase the weight as long as you do it with good form. Try close-grip bench press or dips as they work on different parts of your triceps. In close-grip bench presses, a narrower hand placement on the barbell is utilized as opposed to a standard bench press, consequently, focusing more power on the triceps. Dips can be performed on a parallel bars or a dip station and you can work the whole tricep muscle.


  • Advanced: Switch into dips with weights or add additional exercises like skull crushers or rope overhead tricep extensions for higher intensity and effectiveness. Skull crushers involve the long head of the triceps and tricep extensions with a rope attachment provide continuous tension.


Cool down and Stretch remember!

After your arm workout, do light cardio and static stretching to cool down. Static stretches involve holding a position for a long time with the purpose to lower down flexibility. Keep every stretch for 15-30 seconds and do it for both sides.

With a proper warm-up, carefully designed exercises, and cool-down routine, you certainly will be exercising your way to the arms with more toned muscles and healthier workout experience. Remember, consistency is key! Keep your routine and, gradually, increase the weight or the difficulty. Your biceps will grow then!

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