Top 5 Incredible Effects of Cutting Down Sugar for a Month

You are not alone if you have a sweet taste and need more cakes, cookies, and other treats. The American Heart Association estimates that Americans consume 77 grams of added sugar daily, triple the amount advised for women. To give you an idea, four grams of sugar equals one teaspoon; therefore, 77 grams is just under half a cup of sugar. The AHA also discovered that beverages, snacks, and desserts are the primary sources of added sugar. As many of us consume more sugar than is healthy, we might wonder what the implications of cutting back on sugar are on our health.

Let’s first examine what excessive amounts of added sugar might do to our bodies. This type of sweetener, in contrast to natural sugar, includes sugars or syrups that are added during the preparation or processing of food. While it may enhance food flavor, consuming too much can seriously harm our health. According to several studies, even some malignancies and cognitive degeneration have been linked.

After reading about the potential consequences of consuming too much sugar, you might feel motivated to cut back. Some may even try to stop using it entirely or for a specific time. Even though eliminating added sugars for a month might initially seem challenging, the advantages it can provide make an effort worthwhile. Read on to learn the fantastic results of cutting down sugar for 30 days, including a decreased risk of developing diabetes, improved gut health, and less anxiety.

  1. Less Inflammation in the Body

Nearly 125 million Americans suffer from chronic inflammation related to various diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis. Sugar may also be directly related to inflammation and other common lifestyle variables, including heavy drinking, smoking, obesity, and chronic stress that may raise your odds of inflammation. Therefore, avoiding added sugar may help you lower your risk of developing some of these inflammatory diseases.

  1. Reduced Risk of Cancer

Sugar consumption may be a cause of several cancers, including breast cancer. In addition, the registered dietitian at Sporting Smiles, Allison Tallman, MS, RDN, CNSC, adds that cutting down sugar may lower your risk of developing specific malignancies.

  1. Increased Energy

Although sugar is an energy source, Tallman asserts that the source’s nature (or quality) is the most crucial factor. For example, she points out that processed meals, cookies, chips, and cake, which often include refined sugar, might make you tired and lethargic. However, by avoiding these meals and sugar, we’re likely to have more energy and feel better than ever.

  1. Less Depression & Anxiety

For one month, cutting out added sugar provides health benefits for our bodies and minds. For instance, a study found a link between increased diet sugar intake and a higher risk of depression. In addition, a high-sugar diet has been linked to changed emotional states, anxiety, and neurobiological abnormalities in brain function, according to a different 2019 study.

  1. Better Dental Health

Sugar has been linked with cavities since we were young. Individuals who regularly consume one to two sugary drinks have 30% more dental issues than adults who don’t. This is according to Healthy Food America. Children who regularly eat sugar-sweetened beverages have a nearly two-fold increased risk of developing tooth decay compared to kids who do not. Replace sugar-filled drinks with healthy ones during your sugar-free month, such as flavored seltzer water or sugar-free tea with lemon.

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